About Us

Passionate to live hale and hearty, few friends came together and decided to run for fun and fitness. Nurturing their rising enthusiasm, they teamed up to form a club in the name of ‘Orange City Runners’. The Club was given a more authentic shape in 2015 and Orange City Runners Society got formed.

Orange City Runner Society (OCRS) is formed with simple objective, “Run for Fitness”. Running as an exercise helps in more ways than one, we therefore wish to inculcate a good habit of running in the citizens of Nagpur. Marathon running is the extension of our simple objective, marathon gives target, target adds challenge. It is this challenge that has pushed us to do more in such a short span of time. We have grown from a mere dozen into more than hundred with overflowing dedication of some of us acting as a booster for the rest. Some of our members have shown outstanding performances, while most of us have improved on individual outputs. We have been encouraging each other and complimenting each other to ensure inflow of positive spirit through all the members.

‘Orange City Runners Society’, now a registered Society with Charity Commissioner, Nagpur has grown manifold since its inception and has also participated in numerous National and International Marathons. Enthusiasts from different walks of life with varied interests have come together with a common goal of taking some time out to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the growing number of members, we intend to involve the residents of Nagpur in experiencing the joy of running for fitness, irrespective of age and gender.

For the beginners, a team of qualified Physiotherapists from the Society provides suitable training before they embark on the journey of fitness. The training, which is an important programme for every individual is imperative to ensure that the exercise routine becomes fun rather than turning into an unpleasant experience.


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