Founder Members

Shashank Garg – President & Founder Member, Orange City Runners Society

 Shashank is the CEO of a Global Business Analytics firm, Infocepts and a founder member of Tie Nagpur Chapter, a global Entrepreneurship Organization devoted to helping young entrepreneurs.

 Shashank is a fitness enthusiast. He thinks that running helps him to stay fit and eat without too many restrictions as he can burn off most of the extra calories. He is also a strong believer of the long term benefits of running that include reduction in stress and increase in positivity. Having benefitted personally from running, he wants to put Nagpur on the running map of India. He co-founded Orange City Runners in 2014 with the goal of creating 1000 runners in Nagpur in 5 years. Having completed 4 Full Marathons and several Half Marathons running has now become an integral part of his life and he constantly encourages others to take up running.

He started running short distances during his college days to stay fit. At that point, doing 1 Km on the road was a big deal for him. He did his first 5K during his stay in the USA in the year 2000. He continued to do 5-8 Km runs regularly until about 2012 when he decided to participate in the Mumbai Marathon. Going from 5 Km to 42 Km in less than 6 months with no professional training available in Nagpur seemed like an impossible task. What made it even more difficult was that in those days Nagpur really didn’t have a culture of running. The only time one would see people running on the road was when youngsters were preparing for police recruitment. What worked for him was that he found the ideal running buddy in his long-time friend Amit Panchmatiya. Both of them relied on the advice available on the internet and their friends in other cities to complete their first Full Marathon at Mumbai in 2013.

Amit Panchmatiya – Founder Member

Amit is a leading real estate developer and an industrialist of Nagpur. Along with Shashank he is also a founder member of Tie Nagpur Chapter, a global Entrepreneurship Organization devoted to helping young entrepreneurs.

Amit is a sports and adventure enthusiast. He started running around 2005 along with his friend, Shashank and has played significant role in the creation of Orange City Runners Society . He now believes that running is a life changer for most people. It not only teaches you to be disciplined but also transforms you to be a better human being. Having completed 3 Full Marathons and several Half Marathons, Amit now gets his high by converting non-runners into runners. Every year, he targets people who would have never run in their lives and works with them diligently throughout the year to help them complete races.

Prashant Gurjar – Secretary

Jolly good nature that’s what defines him. Young at age (by personality) he is the admin, writer, organizer and Secretary of Orange City Runners Society. He started running after 55, in late 2013, pushed in by Shashank who noticed him taking 3 kms rounds in civil lines, Nagpur. Believes in walk-a-run to be the best technique to develop for long distance running. Pedaling slowly, he has been sticking to half marathon, having finished 8 of them including Satara & Ladhakh – one of the toughest in terms of climate. Sincere & dedicated about his workout schedules he is seen every morning, all seven days of the week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday he starts with Pramnayama and end up doing exercise in gymnasium or cycling. On other three days you can see him running. Work hard and party harder is his motto. If not in the morning, you can definitely catch him at the Club in the evening with his ‘Bud’. “Nagpur is blessed with beautiful mornings and every citizen here must take up to some exercise outdoor. One hour spent on physical fitness is equivalent to investing just 4% of the day” says Prashant. He has been instrumental in shaping up OCRS and dedicates selflessly to discharge of his duties. He is the motivator for the members and key influencer.


Chartered Accountant by profession, treasurer of Orange City Runner Society, managing finance and accounts.  He started running in the year 2013 at the age of 44 with his friend Pankaj Agrawal. On day one he could barely run 400 Mtrs, but with determined effort he was able to achieve the target of full marathon within 6 months. So far he has completed 4 full marathons and believes that running a marathon is a gift to oneself, it not only increases ones efficiency but also encourages you to accept difficult tasks and targets in life. He along with other OCR members has been instrumental to encourage his acquaintances to start running for fitness and converting half marathon runners into full marathon runners.