Runner Of The Month 2019

Nishita Gopwani – (ROTM July 2019)

Determination and dedication is the key to succeed in any field of ones life. You are recognized for your performance, i am competitive but I dont compete with others. Never get confident and never lose hope because it’s your dedication that can help you to win and achieve goals.

It was year 2016 the month of May that I started running. Jetane my mentor and my inspiration was already into it and was pushing me to join with him as he said that running is beneficial. Prashant sir well described and said ” pain is a shifting process of life , one day its here and one day there. ” I followed sirs words positively and stepped into the running world.
Jetane very religiously used to and still does wake up early and I followed him the way he guided. My knees used to hurt a lot and was detected with little space in my knees for which my medication and some physiotherapy was on for a month. I asked my orthopaedic if I could run and he said no problem I can.

I underwent a minor surgery to remove the abscess from the lower portion of my spine. I had faced with severe back pain for 6 months which used to be unbearable. Since 10 years I was on medication for palpitation too. I was severely asthmatic. For which in the year 2013 had undergone asthmatic attack for which I was admitted in ICU for 8 days , three times at the interval of 6 months as the season used to change. Because of which my immunity power had become severely low due to which I used to get recurrent fevers every month.

Finally after entering into the running world I used to get proper guidance from Neena Maam and Soheb sir. Maam told me to be very regular in running and said one day I will become a healthy person and her words became magical. Finally my immunity power became strong, i call her a magical lady.

Slowly i started with my first marathon that is pink city marathon in the year 2016 in August which gave me absolute confidence. Gradually in the year 2017 I did my first half marathon the Satara hill marathon. I’ve crossed with 26 marathons 6 of them are half marathons and the rest 10k ones which is giving me a feeling of pride.

Finally I took 100 days of running as a challange this year. I had planned in my mind that I should get 100 percent days written in my HDOR. I did it finally judiciously leaving a single day. It was a challenge that I gave myself.

I suggest one should keep running as running is beneficial. It made me free from medicines, my asthma palpitation flew away. My immunity power has absolutely become strong I have fully become a positive person which i never used to be because i had faced so much. A totally changed person I m today. Being so introvert i ve become a socialized person and love to go out in gatherings. I adore running. Running is the breathe and have absolutely become essential to my day to day life. I thank the jury for selecting my as the ROTM for the month of July..

V Bhaskar Rao – (ROTM June 2019)

Me too!! Like everyone else needs some or other kind of inspiration to get out of comfort zone; For me, the inspiration came from my childhood buddies Hari and Jetane who are into running since last 3 – 4 years. I always use to think that one day I will also hit the road but that day eluded from me every morning.

It was in September 2018 when I happened to attend the one month Run fest training session being organized by Orange City Runners.  This, I think was the turning point which brought out the much-needed confidence that “yes, I too can run”. The training session was very well pieced and conducted for novices like me who were new to the tribe. Slowly through the training sessions, I could feel my fitness and endurance levels growing by each passing session.

I ran my first Half Marathon in November 2018 and completed it in 2 hours 25 minutes, pretty well for a first-timer. Since then I ran many 10Ks and HMs. I had never thought that I would be doing this ever even in my wildest of dreams.

I am privileged to have the never-ending support of my family and my OCR buddies. My sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Neena and Dr. Shoeb for imparting systematic and injury-free training, thus making me as strong as ever.

Sandeep Maheshwari – (ROTM May 2019)

Till 31st December 2016, I was living a very comfortable life. Late night movies, dinners, etc. waking up around 9am.. So on..

If I remember correctly I started going to near by garden from 2nd of Jan, life was still easy. Waking up around 7:15, 7:45 to 8:30 regular walks(which turned to brisk walks soon), followed by yoga & surya namaskar. But there was craving for running, after 2-3 months, I started running 2-3 rounds(300mts) of the garden at the end of walking. Which I moderately increased to 8-10 rounds. A senior member from our garden suggested me not to run on solid surface, “you will damage your knees”, and from next day no running only brisk walks.

This went on till i heard about Zero Mile Marathon. A friend of mine was coming with his around 15 buddies from Chandrapur to participate in that run. He forced me to run and I thought 5k I will any how manage, in return I will get a medal & T-shirt. That year I ran all the 3 marathons with 5k distance, for medal, T-shirt & fun, and also to post on social media. That time I had no knowledge about warm-ups & stretching. After the run I used to go back home flaunting my medal and sleep almost whole day as if I have won a battle. In the marathons I used to see Orange City Runners group, celebrating & enjoying post & pre runs, I wanted to join the group but had no courage to ask any one ocr member for it. I was fascinated by their similar T-shirts with name printed behind, their bonding, etc.

Then one fine day, a friend whatsapped me about the OCR Runfest, we decided to go together for a month. I called that friend early morning, he didn’t answer my call so I went alone and registered for it. I enjoyed each and every day the drills, runs, warm-up, stretching, making new friends, conversation, etc. Last day of the run fest I registered for OCR after a gap of few days I joined Neena Maam’s running school, life was changed by now, waking up before alarm, waiting for training days, with light pains here and there.

Then on Zero Mile Promo Run which was from RUCHIRA Villa, in order to run fast i had an injury, severe pain, even then I went for training on Tuesday, there I was advised for cross trainning by cycling, so I went for cycling that Wednesday, which made my pain worst, I stopped training. Went for physiotherapy near by for a week, took medication as advised by an orthopaedician, but was little relief. Zero Mile run day was nearing, so I visited Neena Maam’s Gym 4-5 days before the marathon, with help of ma’am i did my first ever 10k without pain at moderate pace in around 1hour 20 minutes approx.

The injury days were worst days of my life, it was Diwali period, we had to visit cousins & relatives, where I was not able to sit also. They used to say, “why you run so much, etc..”. I for once thought, I will never run again, even if the pain fades. I am thankful to Neena Ma’am for encouraging and the treatment she gave.

After the 10k, I stopped running, used to go for walks & stretching at my nearby park. This went on for few months, I heard about khasdar 10k, which I completed in around 1hour 5 minutes, that gave me courage for running again. I registered for Lokmat 21k & again started training with Neena ma’am & Soheb Sir. In between did my first half Marathon Swarajya Daud, in 2hours 30+minutes. Lokmat Half Marathon I did in 2hours 16 minutes.

I again stopped trainning after 21k & joined swimming classes for two months. This time I stopped training as I wanted to learn how to swim, I had fear of water then.

It was going well, I used to run daily, followed by swimming secession. One day I had targeted to run 15k, but fell down around 10k approx, with bleeding knees & elbow, I went to my car, washed the wound applied band-aid to my knees, I thought I must complete my target, it is a trainning, if I fall during a marathon, so did my 15k, I could see blood coming out of the band-aid. After the run, I went for swim with open wound, I still remember the sensation of chlorine on my wound. Went home narrated the story to my wife & sister-in-law, she advised swimming with open wound could lead to infection. Here comes the end of swim classes. But, I used to run daily with band-aid on.

That’s it, now I am going for training twice, OCR-Saturday Training & JRA-Wednesday Training. Long Runs on Sundays with OCR. One hill run every week & trying for 10k on other days. I had chance to run-learn with Didar Veerji & Dr. Bhoyar. Learnt few things from Satish Sir. It is going great till now, hope it continues without injuries.

I took self challenge of 10 ka dum in april-2019 beginning i.e. 01-04 to 10-04.
251.6kms in April-2019.
300.7kms in May-2019.
255.3kms in June-2019.
Annual run till June-2019 is 1375kms.

Umesh Jagwani – (ROTM March 2019)

Life is a maze, an intentional chaos, where the path to achieving one’s dreams changes daily.

Running is a way of life for most,whether it’s chasing work, boarding trains/airplanes. Just like sports, living a life in competitive world is also about chasing time. Never-ending, hectic schedules force people to discover new ways to release stress. While the majority think that the movement associated with routine work life is enough physical activity, there is a small set of people like me who have taken up running as a dedicated physical activity. While many simply see the benefits of running as physical, there is also an exceptional opportunity for exploring the different parts of the city, and for poetic musings in the calm morning.

I have always been fond of sports since my childhood days and like most of the Indians, my favourite sport has been Cricket. My passion for Cricket and hard work took me to play for Vidarbha, however during one of the matches I injured my knee, which kept me out of the game for few years. Making a comeback become tough due to my ageing age 😉and alsocause of recurring knee troubles. For me life had come to a standstill, until four years back when one fine day my friend Dr. Anil Jawahirani made me join OCR and coaxed me into Running.

I realized that both him and OCR have subconsciously been involved in nudging people to unleash their strengths and push their boundaries. This is how I began my expedition to Running under the supervision of Dr. Neena and Dr. Soheb. While professional runners aim at covering the longest distance possible in the shortest amount of time, for beginners like me it was more about achieving milestones and pushing my body. Soon I was able to complete my maiden half marathon.

Running provides a positive emotional connection to the nature, the always buzzing and booming physical spaces that make life what it is, suddenly start feeling still, stagnant, meaningful and artistic. The late nights dissolves into morning, and with this transition, the fast cars, boom boxes artificial shine goes too. The only thing left to chase inthe early morning, is yourself. That’s why I run in the morning. Chasing is not rushing, but is simply pushing one step forward in an incremental fashion. Inspiration & motivation are your inundated best friends fuelled by the fellow runners on the way.  This feeling of obeying the voices within your head, seeing places that never exist, running with the moon and finding your character is far superior than most feelings one can experience.

Didar Singh Sokhi – (ROTM February 2019)

These days go to any big urbantown —and you will see two groups of wiry people in synthetic fabrics: cyclists and runners. Cyclists will often be found clustered in packs, as much for conversation as wind blocking, spinning by at 20 kph. Runners more frequently exercise alone, at a fraction of the speed, earbud cords trailing from their head like some insectoid apparatus. Tempers occasionally flare when one party crosses into the territory of the other, but usually the scene hums along with the quiet energy of shared purpose.As an active cyclist—more than 8,000 Km in four years—I would regard runners, as I whizzed by, with curiosity. Their faces often seemed contorted in pain, their motions sometimes ungainly, their pace plodding. I could almost feel the blunt force traumas rippling through their bodies with each step as I glided by, cushioned by carbon fiber, rubber, and Italian leather. One runner in particular intrigued me was a heavy weight Sardar.

I started working out in 2015, I did participate in 21Km cycle race, and thereafter I developed great interest in physical fitness. What puts someone on the running or cycling path? Some lifestyle choice? Pure accident? Differing personality correlates (as a psychologist might say)? Dodgy knees or a fear of a high-speed crash? All this speculation was merely academic to me until that one day, about years back, when I decided to Run a Marathon. I said yes to myself. I was crossing to the other side. I was going to become a runner.
It didn’t take long for my new relationship with running to turn dysfunctional.As the weeks wore on, I dutifully ticked the boxes on my running calendar. While I laboured on the side of the road, I would watch with longing as my Lycra-clad cohort sailed past, chatting amiably. Still, armed with my new technique, I was finding it easier going. My body was slowly adapting to the distances, to the pounding.
With running, “you are turning your legs into springs,”. “People’s feet are on the ground for less than a tenth of a second.” When you ride, by contrast, “you’re producing force for much longer periods of time.” For me both Running & Cycling are like meditation, whenever I’m Running or Cycling my mind is free from all day to day thoughts. So far, I have done 20 Half Marathons & 2 Marathons, I’m also a Super Randonner – 200,300,400&600km cycling in one Calendar year thrice.